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Does Shopping for Insurance Wear You Down?

Today, buying an insurance policy can be one of the more difficult purchases you make. With all of the different policy providers vying for your business, and all of the different variables, exactly what these providers offer in terms of coverage type (auto, homeowner’s, business, health, etc.) and the specific coverage within the policy, it can sometimes seem impossible to find the insurance policy or set of policies which are right for you, your family, and/or your business.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Freeman & Sherburne is a family-owned, independent insurance agency which has been helping people navigate the insurance market for over 140 years. We are partnered with over 20 insurance carriers across a wide variety of different policy markets: business, automotive, homeowner’s, watercraft, life, health, and disability are all available through our relationships with these agencies. Whatever your insurance needs, we will work with you to ensure that they are met with quality policies at the lowest possible price. We do the research and the footwork so that you don’t have to.

Our focus is on ensuring that you have access to an agent through the means which works best for you, and on providing quality service to all our customers. If you are in need of insurance, but do not have the time or the patience to work through countless insurance providers, give Freeman & Sherburne a call. We will work with you to figure out your individual insurance needs, and work hard to find the best plan or plans package for you, for the lowest price possible.
I wanted to share a great local insurance company with you. They handle all home and business insurance needs. Just ask for Bob or Doris and you will be treated well.
John Baker - All Star Appliance